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Swimming pool at a spaWhether it’s water purification or underwater lighting, our company provides cost-effective solution to commercial aquatic facilities. We at Buckeye Aquatics, LLC work with products that run the gamut from pump systems to lighting options. We work with an ESCO company to provide cost-effective energy solution for aquatic facilities. Click on the links or the tabs below to view information about the products we can offer you.

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Our new ChlorKing HYPOGEN Produces an EPA Approved Disinfecting Agent for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19!

Coronavirus-disinfecting Hypochlorous Acid Generator

The ChlorKing HYPOGEN is a stand-alone, on-site Hypochlorous acid (NEW) generator that produces a highly effective, safe and EPA-approved antimicrobial solution capable of rapid reduction of bacteria, viruses, spores, cysts, scale and biofilm.

NEW can be introduced with an electrostatic fogger to disinfect all surfaces in a commercial office space, classrooms in a school building, offices of a municipal facility, multi-purpose rooms at a recreation center, etc.  The non-toxic, environmentally safe solution can also be applied with a sprayer to disinfect wet (locker room, restroom) locations, a spray bottle to wipe down surfaces, with a mop directly onto floors, etc.

HYPOGEN produces NEW on-site for just pennies per gallon, providing a very cost-effective supply of a power disinfectant that can be used multiple times a day as needed.  This aggressive sanitizing approach would simply be cost-prohibitive with other purchased disinfecting chemicals.

Please click on the brochure links below for a more detailed overview of the benefits of HYPOGEN, the Technology Explanation for a deep dive into the validated science behind NEW, and specification sheets for sizing and installation criteria.

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UV Disinfection

ChlorKing is a trusted name in pool systems. Their UV unit pays for itself, and efficiently keeps your pool free of chloramines and bacteria.

VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives)

Built for Purpose

H2flow Variable Speed Drive solutions for commercial swimming pools are helping customers experience huge energy savings. The hostile environment of a pool equipment room is not ideal for a Variable Frequency Drive – unless it’s an Eco-Flow-C®. In its standard rugged NEMA 12 configuration, you can be sure that Eco-Flow-C® will withstand even the most unforgiving environments.

We Don’t Make Pool Pumps, We Make Them More Efficient

With more than 80 years of combined knowledge in monitoring and controlling pumps, H2flow is the only manufacturer in the pool industry that is totally dedicated to Variable Speed technology. While we cannot supply you with heaters, filters and pool cleaners, we can supply you with a first class product and unparalleled knowledge relating to applying VFDs to pumps.

Run Slower, Run Longer

The key to increased pump efficiency and lower energy costs is to run the pump at its lowest possible speed, yet achieve the required turnover per day – no more, no less!

Because pumps are often incorrectly sized, it is not unusual to see a pool being turned over many more times per day than necessary; every additional gallon pumped uses unnecessary energy. Centrifugal pumps use far less power when they run slower. The decrease in power is due to the Affinity Laws, and the results are staggering. For example, if the speed of the pool pump is reduced by just 20%, the energy consumed is reduced to almost 50%. If the speed of the pool pump is reduced by 60%, the energy consumed is reduced to just 6.4%.

If a commercial pool is being turned over once every 6 hours and local codes require just once every 8 hours, the flow rate could be reduced by 33%. Doing this with a control valve will reduce the energy by approximately 15%, whereas an Eco-Flow-C® will reduce the energy by at least 50%.

Slowing the pump down to achieve the required turnover rate will dramatically reduce the consumed energy, keep the filtration system working at its optimum performance, extend equipment life and reduce chemical usage.

Key Features:

  • Constant Flow Feature

  • Models from 1 HP to 1,000 HP

  • Programmable Backwash for Automatic and Manual Systems

  • Pump Dry Run and Cavitation Protection

  • Soft Start / Stop

  • Supply Voltages: 3 x 208-230 / 3 x 480

  • Unique Aquatic Controller

Filtration Systems

Neptune Benson is the industry leader when it comes to aquatic filtration systems. That is why Buckeye Aquatics, LLC relies on Defender® filtration systems from Neptune Benson. The benefits of these systems include less water wasted, less chemicals needed and less electrical power used making them cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


LED Underwater Lighting

We supply pool and spa light fixtures to commercial aquatic facilities. Our supplier is the Pool and Spa division of J&J Electronics. Our products include the Color Splash XG Series, which are compatible with multiple incandescent light niches. These products completely meet the safety and electrical code compliance, besides providing a brilliant light show in multiple colors. The annual cost to use a color splash light is $9 and it has significantly lower maintenance costs, compared to the hundreds of dollars it takes to annually power and maintain an incandescent light of any wattage.PureWhite LED Pool and Spa Light Fixtures offer contemporary styling, superior rugged construction and reduce energy consumption by up to 90%. These LED Light Fixtures are rated for up to 50,000 hours of use, which means they also significantly reduce maintenance costs. Plus, PureWhite LED Light Fixtures come with an industry leading 3-year warranty for greater peace of mind.

PureWhite LED Light Fixtures provide an LED lighting alternative to inefficient incandescent light sources  for installations requiring a complete fixture. They significantly reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. Plus, all PureWhite LED Light Fixtures feature a superior rugged construction that is unmatched in the industry.

Learn more about the PureWhite LED Pool and Spa Light Fixtures and the PureWhite 2 LED Replacement Lamps.

Buckeye Aquatics, LLC

Chlorine Generation

ChlorKing NEX-GEN generates liquid chlorine from salt that is stored on site. It eliminates the cost, risks and smell associated with shipping and storing traditional chlorine. This system is widely used for commercial pools and water parks.

ESCOs (Energy Services Company) Executive Summary

Perfection Group, Inc. is a design-build mechanical engineering firm with extensive experience in energy conservation since 1959. Our customer base is well diversified in the public, private and non-profit arena. Our success is based on our intellectual capital, as well our delivery model to our customers.

Many communities throughout Ohio are fortunate to have recreational facilities that house indoor pools.  Unfortunately for these public and private institutions, swimming pools and aquatics facilities are major consumers of electricity and natural gas.  With in-house engineering that specialize in HVAC, lighting, controls and aquatics, Perfection Group, Inc. is a reliable partner to Ohio’s public and private institutions that want to save energy and operational savings in their indoor commercial aquatics facilities.

Perfection Group, Inc.’s expertise in engineering / design, project management, integrated facility services and commissioning allows us to bring a turn-key solution to our customers.

With all of these resources under one roof, working in conjunction together, Perfection Group, Inc. has the ability to deliver energy conservation projects that contractually guarantee:

√  Energy Savings – If contractual savings are not met, Perfection Group, Inc. will pay the difference.

√  Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) – If there are cost overruns, Perfection Group, Inc. will absorb. This eliminates change orders.

√  Equipment Functionality – All upgrades are designed for comfort while maximizing efficiency.

These contractual guarantees transfer risk that are typical to construction from the owner to Perfection Group, Inc., while guaranteeing return on investment.

Perfection Group, Inc. is prepared to provide comprehensive energy studies to qualifying institutions, allowing both parties involved to understand the possible opportunity to save energy and operational savings. If these studies justify proceeding with an energy conservation project, Perfection Group, Inc. can provide:

√  Assistance in grant dollars

√  Federal Stimulus dollars

√  Perfection Group, Inc. is also prepared to underwrite and provide any capital dollars with a Power Purchase Agreement.

This allows entities the ability to implement upgrades with $0.00 capital expenditure.

Today’s utility markets are in flux. Electrical cost (kWh) especially is an unstable commodity. Water and sewer are expected to increase significantly in the next three to five years. Utility costs in such institutions are typically the number one or two largest line items in their overall budgets. Opportunity exists to reduce this expense by 20%-30% in most indoor aquatic facilities. Perfection Group, Inc. provides no-cost preliminary studies.

Perfection Group, Inc.

2649 Commerce Blvd.

Cincinnati, Ohio 45241


Water Slide Restoration

Safe Slide Restoration offers full service maintenance and water slide restoration. We are the only water slide restoration company certified by the American Composite Manufactures Association (ACMA). Our services include:

– Polishing and Waxing

– Complete Gel coat restoration

– Major and Minor Fiberglass Repair

– Coring

– Fiberglass Fabrication

– Re-Caulking Joints

– Painting Exterior Slide Surface

– Certified Field Color Matching

– Steel coatings, playstructures, and slide towers

– and Much More