Our new ChlorKing HYPOGEN Produces an EPA Approved Disinfecting Agent for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19!

The ChlorKing HYPOGEN is a stand-alone, on-site Hypochlorous acid (NEW) generator that produces a highly effective, safe and EPA-approved antimicrobial solution capable of rapid reduction of bacteria, viruses, spores, cysts, scale and biofilm.

NEW can be introduced with an electrostatic fogger to disinfect all surfaces in a commercial office space, classrooms in a school building, offices of a municipal facility, multi-purpose rooms at a recreation center, etc.  The non-toxic, environmentally safe solution can also be applied with a sprayer to disinfect wet (locker room, restroom) locations, a spray bottle to wipe down surfaces, with a mop directly onto floors, etc.

HYPOGEN produces NEW on-site for just pennies per gallon, providing a very cost-effective supply of a power disinfectant that can be used multiple times a day as needed.  This aggressive sanitizing approach would simply be cost-prohibitive with other purchased disinfecting chemicals.

Please click on the brochure links below for a more detailed overview of the benefits of HYPOGEN, the Technology Explanation for a deep dive into the validated science behind NEW, and specification sheets for sizing and installation criteria.

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